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Published: 13th March 2012
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The two systems for getting rid of unwanted body hair are the laser system and the light based arrangement. Of the two systems, most people would name the laser operation first. notwithstanding light based systems are a cheaper and more convenient way to achieve the same result.

Hair Removal by Laser

The Laser way gets rid of unwanted hair by means of selective photothermolysis Damage to the skin is eradicated by means of adjusting the light wavelength to burn the hair and not the skin. This arrangement can be very effective at lasting hair removal.

Total hair removal can take a number of sessions, which need to be spaced out over loads of weeks to reduce skin damage so if large areas of the body need to be treated, this can take some time.

For those with thin fuzzy hair or very light colored hair, laser treatment is probably not the best system.

If large areas of the body and in particular the face have to be treated, the cost may be expansive as only trained personnel can carry out this process.

In addition to the cost there are other drawbacks. As the specific operation can be painful, numbing creams are used to help the patient through the whole process. As these creams can result in severe side effects, they are only used in sensible quantities over small areas of the body at any one time making extended treatment very time consuming.

The skin around the area of treatment can get red, sore and inflamed however this can usually disappear within 2 to 4 days. The specific power and frequency of the laser be can be adjusted to minimise any hyper-pigmentation or discolouring of the skin

Because of these concerns, it is necessary that if you wish to try laser hair removal, to observe a certified dependable practitioner by personal testimonial if at all possible. A lot of women may notice the largest disadavantage is the cost, even if they are not concerned about the other possible problems.

The Alternative - Light based Hair Removal

This method uses light is a safer and more convenient way to eradicate body hair. This arrangement is considerably safer than the laser as the light intensity is not so potentially harmful, so the probability of damage to the skin are much reduced.

Home Pulsed Light or HPL kills the hair shaft by using pulses of light at the specific frequencies that make the hair to heat up but makes it possible for the surrounding skin to stay cool. The effectiveness of this operation is enhanced by an acoustic effect allowing a lower light strength to produce the same level of photoepilation and hair removal.

This type of product has two main advantages over the laser arrangement, one it can be used at home and two is much cheaper than a course of laser treatment. A the process of hair removal is totally painless, no numbing creams are needed notwithstanding there are still certain hair type that do not respond as well as others.

Skin irritation can occur but is likely to be less that that experienced by laser users and it will usually disappear within a few days.

Light Based or Laser, they both can get rid of excess body hair for all time. while it may take some time.

The time it takes for hair to develop under the skin is the explanation why it takes some time to get rid of all the hair permanently. The full hair growth cycle can take up to 24 months in some individuals and it is only the hairs in the growing period that can be removed by either light of laser treatment. Hair in the resting phase cannot be affected by laser or light based processes. So it does not matter which method of hair removal is used, complete and permanent hair elimination may take some time.

There are lots of products that use the light based operation but Silk-n-Sensepil is one of the easiest to use and gives superior results. Home use is normal. The Silkn arrangement gives complete and lasting hair removal which is enhanced by a unique feature built in called a "Skin Color Sensor" that adjusts the output to suit the user.

Whilst the Silkn product is not inexpensive, when you add up the cost of buying creams and waxes over a period of time, at works out very affordable.

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