Inner and Outer Woman's Beauty

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Published: 06th February 2012
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The concept of beauty and women together is timeless.

Across time women have gone to endless lengths to sustain and enhance their beauty using creams, cosmetics makeup, clothes and even surgery. All women treat themselves unceasingly to beauty products and treatments.

The inner aspect of women’s beauty is often ignored and only the outer part concentrated on when appraising their beauty. The inner beauty of a woman is the outcome of her inner personality and a good life-style. Astonishingly many women do not have that

Whilst a woman may seem to be beautiful on first encounter, when she starts to talk her lack of inner beauty is very unmistakable. When a woman starts to talk it is like opening a door on her inner self and shows her lack of internal beauty. This is often very disappointing. The inner self is altogether unlike to the external show.

On the other hand you may have likewise met a woman who seems very average in appearance, but as soon as she speaks, the inner glow of beauty directly shines through. This inner beauty comes from a sure-footed personality that makes her give the impression of being beautiful both inwardly and externally. She will know who she is and her place in life. A woman of inner beauty may not have the looks or figure of a top model, but this becomes irrelevant when her inner beauty is seen.

The media and fashion industry generally dismiss the inner aspect of a woman's beauty only see the external part. If women tried to increase their inner beauty through changes to their own character rather than concentrating on external cosmetics and even surgery, they might be a little happier.

A woman's inner beauty ought always be stronger that her external appearance.

An inwardly wonderful person possesses properties of honesty, wholeness and a high-quality moral code.

Wherever she is, a woman with inner beauty and confidence will always be able to acquire care of herself. Sometimes a younger woman has that inner sureness although she has less of life's experiences compared to an older woman.

Inner health and lifestyle is the other side of inner beauty. The external appearance of a woman particularly her hair and skin are largely affected by her lifestyle.

A woman's diet has a immense effect on her beauty. A diet consisting of organic vegetables nuts and fruit, consumed raw as frequently as possible, plus lean non red meat, fish and eggs and the right sum of carbohydrate is necessary to a woman's beauty. Try and keep coffee to less than 4 cups per day and drink green tea instead plus a minimum of one litre clean water every day.

Both the body and mind are cured and fortified by a good nights sleep.
You need to have a calm mind before retiring for your nights sleep, try a warm bath with soothing music.

If a woman is concerning about holding and maintaining her beauty, smoking is definitely the one habit she must avoid. This addiction not only robs the body of oxygen, the one thing that is essential to a healthy life, but also put unhealthy toxins into the body. Any chances of a woman keeping her beauty will be broken by the toxic chemicals and the reducing in oxygen.

An excess of alcohol will also harm a woman's beauty. Whilst too much wine will damage beauty and health, one glass a day is said to be good for general health.

A woman may have great inner health and beauty, but she will still require help to sustain her external beauty. The media and magazines have a mountain of material and help with beauty tips.

Hair Care

Shampoo every other day if you have normal hair, but more often if your hair is more oily. A good quality shampoo is essential if you are concerned about the health of your hair.

Natural oils in the hair is the major element affecting the shine and sleekness of it. Only when your hair is really wet should you employ the shampoo. Massage the shampoo into the scalp all over, making sure that all of the hair including the ends are well covered.
Your hair's shine can be maintained if you can use cold water to get rid of the shampoo.

Skin Care

A woman's skin will be keep really beautiful if she uses a moisturiser every day. A product made of unfussy but good quality ingredients is crucial. In these days of austerity, it may seem safe to keep costs low by saving money on something that is used every day. Your skins natural beauty will be made more beautiful by the use of good quality products such as Silk n Sensepil

One way of safekeeping good skin without breaking the bank is to create your own products. There is masses of information around this subject on the web.

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